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Welcome to Maru Meditation

Here you will learn how to meditate properly, heal yourself, then you can teach others how to meditate as well.


As a Non Profit Organisation our mission is to help heal 300 recovering addiction treatment centre patients and teach 5000 people how to meditate every year.

Using Sound Therapy Guided Meditation Programs we will help you through the process of learning the different techniques while healing your Self at the same time.

All you need is a quiet place and some headphones.  Press play and follow the instructions. It could be the most important twenty minutes of your life.

Benefits of Audio Therapy Meditation

Quieten the Mind

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Heal Deep Rooted Emotional Trauma

Increased levels of Focus and Concentration

Promotes a Joy-Filled Life Experience
Learn How to Attract What You Desire in Life

Meditation for Rehabilitation 

Sobriety Through Deep Healing Sound Therapy

We do not advocate meditation as a replacement for a proper addiction treatment program, but the practice has proven to be immensely effective at eliminating the root causes of addictive behaviours deep within the psyche.

The instructor knows through personal experience what it takes to break the chains of addiction and lead a joyous addiction free lifestyle. The continued practice of meditation will assist the patients to avoid relapse through a genuine transformation of the Self.

Please enquire if you are interested in arranging a Healing Meditation Course at your treatment centre. 


The program is free of charge for centres based in South Africa.

Corporate Meditation Programs

Stress Management in the Workplace

Corporate Executives and Managers around the world are taking to meditation in increasing numbers as the high pressure business environment is physically and emotionally taxing. 

Corporate Meditation Programs see significant results measured against key research objectives, including employee mindfulness, perceived stress, resiliency, vigour, and work engagement. In addition, all measures were shown to be sustained or improved at a six-month follow-up. 

Key performance improvements included:

  • 30 percent reduction in perceived stress

  • 50 percent decrease in number of high stress episodes

  • 13 percent increase in resiliency

  • 15 percent increase in work engagement and vigour

  • 50 percent decrease in employee burnout

  • Significant improvement in dietary choices.


“God hides between your thoughts.”

- Unknown

Meditation for Learners

Awakening New-Earth Leaders

We believe that meditation is a fundamental life skill that should be taught in all schools along with A-B-C. We have developed meditation classes specifically for children and teenagers to learn and assimilate the practice.

When learners begin every school day with meditation - the results are astonishing. The students have clear, calm and focused minds. They are less easily distracted, less absent minded and therefore more amenable to learning. These are the long-term effects of meditation that the learners will carry with them into adulthood. 

We offer these meditation programs free of charge to rural schools in South Africa.


Download our Free Guided Meditations and Binaural Beats

Every download supports our mission to help heal 300 recovering addiction treatment centre patients every year, and teach 5000 children how to meditate.

If you find these audios beneficial, please make a donation. It would be highly appreciated.


Self Care Guided Meditation 

​Take charge of your state of mind and well-being with these guided meditations that range from short and light to impactful and transformative.


Click below to listen to audios.

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Chakra Healing Program

Activate Your Aura

Science has demonstrated that we are all just illuminated orbs of vibrating light energy. All matter is unbound energy when broken down to sub-atomic particles. Chakras are the concentrated Energy Centers of the Human Body and their key functions are absorbing, incorporating, and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. Each Chakra governs important aspects of our existence.

This Chakra Healing Program is designed to unblock and activate all Seven of your primary Energy Centers and get them functioning optimally for perfect well-being in all spheres of life. 

Click below to listen to audios.

Meditation and Yoga Retreats 

Discover a World of Meditation and Yoga Getaways

Binaural Beats

Brain Wave Frequency Therapy

Binaural beats are auditory illusions created as a result of two tones listened to at different frequencies, one in each ear. The human brain perceives the creation of a new, third tone, whose frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones being played. This auditory illusion is called a binaural beat.

"Binaural beats provide many of the same benefits as meditation: lower stress, increased focus, aids with sleep and relaxation, boosts mood, assists with pain management, and fosters creativity."

  • [ 2019]

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Download the App

Get Easy Access on Your Smartphone to All Our Guided Meditations and Binaural Beats using our free App!
Only available on Google Play Store for now.
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Make A Difference

Giving is Receiving

As a Non Profit Organisation, we do not charge for facilitating our Schools and Addiction Treatment Centre Meditation programs. We operate strictly on a donation basis, supported by those who find a benefit in our guided meditation recordings and free App.


The donations from Angels and previous patients make it possible for new patients to receive the same benefit.

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